Rhode Island 

Billiard Bar


EST. | 1982

2026 Smith St, 

North Providence, RI 02911

Open Mon - Sat  4 PM - 1 AM

We have reduced our capacity from 205 to 99 and require facemasks upon entry and while moving around.  Masks may be removed when eating, drinking and while immediately taking a shot on your designated pool table.  Social distancing is always expected




Rhode Island Billiard, Bar & Bistro was founded by Phyllis and Tony Costanzo in 1982 when pool was making it’s resurgence into American Culture. Italian American Gustaf Costanzo immigrated to Rhode Island and started a legacy. In 1909 Costanzo purchased a pool license from the city of providence. Years later his son, Anthony Sr. would persevere through prohibition with Italian genius. In 1982, Anthony Costanzo Jr. moved the family business, fighting recession, gas crunches, and the RI Banking Crisis.


As fourth Generation Proprietor I always strive to improve the facility from new bars to our improved kitchen. As well as being the only real billiard and pool hall left in Rhode Island, we also offer a much larger variety of beer and spirits than other restaurants and pubs, serving a full lunch and dinner menu too! After over 100 years in business, pool in RI is as common a term as golf or baseball. Rhode Island Billiard, Bar & Bistro gives you a place to meet friends, new people, and spend time with old friends.


Regardless of where we came from, for many in America our immigrant origins remain a vital part of who we are. Likewise, our successes are a legacy of immigrant hopes and values handed down from the preceding generation. In celebration of the family values and work ethic that seems common to the immigrant experience, I`m sharing the warm memories of my own roots in hopes they kindle similar recollections of your own…because these reflections of an earlier time serve to remind us to reach for excellence in all we do!


Don’t forget to join a pool league or enter a mini-pool tournament for individual fun or competition!



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We will bring back Live Music
When ASCAP, BMI and SESAC Start to treat us fairly.
We fit way less people at the dance floor, near the band and they are charging for the entire building.  
We LOVE Live Music!
Be Patient!

We will be very happy to take your reservation.  Call us in advance at 401 232-1330 press 3 and then 1

Ask to get a pool table or a dinning table reservation.  

This is a great way to enhance your evening of fun.

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Rhode Island Billiards Bar and Bistro, 2026 Smith St, North Providence, RI 02911

​Phone: 401-232-1330 press 3

Monday: 4pm - 12am
Tuesday: 4pm - 12am
Wednesday: 4pm - 12am
Thursday: 4pm - 1am
Friday: 4pm - 1am
Saturday: 12pm - 1am

Sundays  CLOSED uness for a scheduled Tournament